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by Jeff Koller

Joe Vaccaro of the Ontario Home Builders' Association (OHBA) recently wrote that his association supported the drafting of the Dawson Strategic report on Modernizing Ontario's Skilled Trades Apprenticeship and Training out of a desire to foster more objective, fact-based research about the trades in Ontario.


Let's face it. This report is just another biased shot against the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) that is based on fiction and rhetoric.

Any study can be manipulated to support whatever those who are paying for it want it to say.

All one has to do is look at who sponsored this "strategic report" and it's no surprise that the "findings" align perfectly with the fiction that those organizations have been asserting since before the College opened its doors.

Want some objective, fact-based research? How about this? Ipsos Reid recently released polling data that said 92 per cent of Ontarians think that OCOT's public registry is an important tool to protect consumers.

An overwhelming majority (90 per cent) also see the registry as being able to provide a competitive advantage to tradespeople who are on it and who are reputable and 86 per cent of respondents reported that they will consult the registry the next time they hire a tradesperson.

Every point made in the Dawson Strategic report is completely flawed, beginning with its assumption that OCOT exists to make every trade compulsory, to the economic impact of compulsory status, to even the average age of journeypersons working in the carpentry trade.

It is clearly an exercise with a single-minded purpose, that being to prevent any other trade from ever becoming compulsory, regardless of possible health and safety considerations or an inherent risk of harm to the public or tradespersons.


Jeff Koller

Government Relations Co-ordinator

Interior Systems Contractors Association

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    Dean Kadikoff

    Now let's see. Mr. Koller... you said "Any study can be manipulated to support whatever those who are paying for it want it to say." and then you started babbling on about the recenty released IPSOS Reid Poll that was cut and pasted all over the media.

    Now did you know that the OCOT arranged and paid for the IPSOS Reid poll? The OCOT controlled the content and wording of the questions....

    So as you said, and I repeat: "Any study can be manipulated to support whatever those who are paying for it want it to say."

    Enough said.....

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