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VIDEO: CCA 2015: Sports Keynote

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by Warren Frey

Dr. Kimberley Amirault-Ryan is the Lead of Sport Psychology for the Canadian Olympic Committee and was the first female to take on the role of performance consultant with the New York Rangers. Amirault-Ryan was the keynote speaker at the Canadian Construction Association’s awards ceremony on March 25 in San Antonio, Texas.

Amirault-Ryan said she is familiar with the construction industry because many members of her family have been members and leaders in local construction associations. She also pointed to the similarities between high stress occupations such as professional sports and the construction industry.

The perfectionism of high performing executives can often work against them, Amirault-Ryan said, and she said working around that psychological barrier is an important step to further excellence.

She also stressed the importance of work-life balance for those who "will never work 9 to 5."


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