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Energy efficiency: Now come the hard part

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by DCN News Services

TORONTO — In a recent interview, Ministry of Municipal Affairs manager of building code policy development Chris Thompson described a pattern of consultation with construction stakeholders every few years to enshrine ever tougher standards in the Ontario Building Code to ensure homes become increasingly energy efficient.
Energy efficiency: Now come the hard part

It's been a co-operative and aggressive but not overly onerous process for the policy-makers and construction stakeholders, he suggested. But that will all change with the Liberal government's adoption of its Climate Change Action Plan in 2016, said Thompson. The government wants the construction sector to meet net-zero-energy standards in all new homes starting in 2030.

Thompson said the stakeholders have their work cut out for them in the next 13 years.

"We are working on the next set of building code measures that will enable us to work towards the targets they have set for us," he said. "That is the target they have set and now our task is to figure out how to get there in a practical kind of way."

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