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Letter to the Editor: OCOT operations business as usual

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by David Tsubouchi

To the Editor: I am writing in regards to the May 11, 2016 article titled “College of Trades enforcement switched to MOL” and to clarify the headline which, in my opinion, may mislead readers.
Letter to the Editor: OCOT operations business as usual

While the provincial government did transfer the regulatory and administrative oversight of the Ontario College of Trades from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) to the Ministry of Labour (MOL), I would like to assure your readers that the College's enforcement officers will continue to enforce the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009 as it applies to the 22 compulsory trades in Ontario and our members.

The College is mandated to protect the public interest and integrity of skilled trades' professionals by confirming credentials and weeding out the underground economy.

It is also important to note that this transfer between ministries in no way impacts any of the other day-to-day operations of the College,  including updating training curriculum and standards, promoting skilled trades, providing various member services such as issuing certificates of qualification and updating our Public Register.

In other words, it will be business as usual. The College will also continue to work with MTCU on matters relating to apprenticeship.

We look forward to working with Minister Kevin Flynn and the staff of the MOL and have no doubt that their expertise in complex labour matters will be very helpful to us as we fulfill our mandate by regulating and promoting the skilled trades.

Given the change in ministries will involve a transition period, the College will post any updates on our website — collegeoftrades.ca — to keep our members and stakeholders informed of how the process is moving forward.


David Tsubouchi

Registrar and CEO

Ontario College

of Trades


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    Dean Kadikoff

    The college's "enforcement officers" may be under direction of the OCOT, but would need to be provincially endorsed to write tickets or levy charges or fines. They are not OCOT enforcement officers, but rather provincial enforcement officers as they are enforcing a provincially legislated act and not an OCOT legislated act. No different than when the MOL had jurisdiction previous to this bureaucracy being created. Everything you stated here were already mandates of the MTCU and the MOL, the problem was that the MTCU and the MOL were very neglectful in carrying them out. The move debases the perceived value of the OTOC. IMO we are returning to what was, and as it should be. When it happens, the government of the day needs to forcefully mandate both ministries to do the damn job they were always mandated to do but totally neglected over the last 20 to 30 years.

    Also, btw Mr. Tsubouchi if you or your minions read this, show a "member" in good standing a bit of respect and answer the questions I asked right here in this publication last April. I have attempted multiple times to get the questions answered through direct email to the echelon of the OCOT, my MPP, and the MTCU. Yet not one of you would give me an answer, any answer. We may be called "members", but we have no one representing us within the OCOT when it comes to membership questions, concerns or issues.

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