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CaGBC to provide free LEED services in Fort McMurray

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by DCN News Services

OTTAWA—The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has announced it will be providing free LEED registration and certification for residential, commercial and institutional rebuilding projects in Fort McMurray, Alta.
CaGBC to provide free LEED services in Fort McMurray

The CaGBC decision was made as an indication of their support for the overall wildfire recovery efforts, it announced July 26.

CaGBC will work with LEED service providers EcoAmmo and 4 Elements Integrated Design, who will offer free LEED administration services to residents who would like to rebuild or renovate through the CaGBC program.

"Canadians across the country watched in horror as Fort McMurray's homes, businesses and schools were threatened by a natural disaster that is becoming far too common in Canada due to our changing climate," said Thomas Mueller, president and CEO of the CAGBC, in a media statement. "The resilience of the citizens of Fort McMurray and the surrounding regions is inspiring, and the council wanted to do its small part to help rebuild this wonderful community."

The CaGBC also offered free LEED registration and certification to Calgary after the floods of 2013 and to Lac Megantic after the rail disaster the same year.

"Having recovered from several floods myself, I know the pressure to 'get back to normal' as quickly as possible, but when completing a full rebuild families have a huge opportunity to build better, stronger and more resilient communities that all of Alberta can learn from," said Tyler Hermanson, director and lead designer at 4 Elements Integrated Design.

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