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Two giant mammoth tusks found by construction crew

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by The Associated Press

VIENNA —An Austrian museum team has recovered two giant tusks and other remnants of what experts say are apparently the remains of a rare mammoth breed, after construction crews unearthed them while working on an Austrian freeway.
Two giant mammoth tusks found by construction crew

The find, dating back to mid-August, was reported by Austrian media on Aug. 29. They cite officials of Vienna's Museum of National History as saying the tusks are about two-and-a-half metres (more than eight feet) long and apparently come from a mammoth that lived more than a million years ago. That precedes the more well-known wooly mammoth, which was hunted by ancient humans.

Also found at the site, 50 kilometres north of Vienna, were parts of the animal's vertebrae.

A paleontologist from the museum, Oleg Mandic, describes the discovery as "pretty sensational."

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