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Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada provides Canadian perspective Down Under

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by Patricia Williams last update:Oct 2, 2014

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada (ACEC) president John Gamble is slated to provide a Canadian perspective on key issues facing the global industry at upcoming events in Australia and New Zealand.
Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada provides Canadian perspective Down Under

Gamble, who spoke last year at a conference co-sponsored by the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand, will take part in a session July 19 at Consult Australia’s 2012 symposium in Sydney.

He will follow that up with a presentation July 27 at the New Zealand organization’s 2012 annual conference in Nelson on the South Island.

“The world is shrinking, particularly in the professional services industry,” Gamble said in an interview. “There was a thought that having an international perspective on trends and best practices would be of value to their respective delegates.”

In Australia, Gamble will deliver an overview of the state of the market in Canada, provide a Canadian perspective on the global market and identify trends that could represent “both challenges and opportunities” for consulting engineering firms.

Canada is the world’s fifth larger exporter of consulting engineering services. The Canadian industry last year generated $22.54 billion in revenues.

In New Zealand, Gamble will focus on best practices for small and medium-sized enterprises. He will share the podium with Megan Motto, CEO of Consult Australia.

His presentation will deal with things that firms “can and should be doing” to position themselves to be successful in a changing marketplace.

“For me, this (speaking tour) also is an opportunity to discuss with my colleagues trends and best practices when it comes to association management — how to be relevant and to deliver best value to our members.”

Aside from Enrico Vink, managing director of the Geneva-based International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), Gamble is the only speaker from outside Australia and New Zealand to participate in either event.

“I think part of the reason (for being invited) is Canada’s stature in the international engineering community,” Gamble said. “As a result in part of our participation in FIDIC, we’ve been able to develop relationships with sister associations in other countries.”

Consult Australia represents 260 professional services firms. Its New Zealand counterpart has 165 corporate members.

“We share a lot of commercial and cultural similarities with our colleagues in both countries,” said Gamble, who will attend Consult Australia’s 60th anniversary gala and the New Zealand association’s awards of excellence gala dinner.

last update:Oct 2, 2014

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