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All-Energy Canada event in Toronto to engage industry

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by Kelly Lapointe last update:Sep 30, 2014

The inaugural All-Energy Canada event will be held Oct. 2 to 3, 2013 at Exhibition Place in Toronto by Reed Exhibitions in association with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

“From our perspective that discussion has never happened here. There has never been a pull together of all the different players of all the different industries, which has been wildly successful in the U.K.” said John Kourtoff, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) board director.

There has been decades of maturity in the renewable energies industry in Europe and the United Kingdom and now that conversation needs to come to Canada, pointed out Kourtoff.

“This is a small step for individuals, but a big step for Canada coming together and creating the dialogue, which will create big change going forward and present that on a global stage,” he said.

Kourtoff and Jonathan Heastie executive director of Reed Exhibitions’ Renewable and Alternative Energy Global Group, will co-chair the All-Energy Canada Advisory Board.

Heastie said the event is about Canadians talking to people outside their normal circles.

“[It’s about] giving them a chance to connect … to grow the business, to grow the industry, but not to do it in silos where they don’t communicate with anybody else apart from the same people, to actually open it up and to push things forward at a quicker rate.”

Labour is an important part of the renewable energy discussion as it has to be involved throughout the entire process, from installing the equipment to long-term maintenance, said Kourtoff.

“Whether it’s solar, whether it’s the construction industry … photovoltaic or geothermal, the labour has to be qualified, has to be trained,” he said, adding that the conference will create a platform where labour can have an honest discussion.

“You actually get them to figure out how to work together for a better solution going forward, which then slows down the problems and gets rid of them and it increases the speed at which development and the industry grows.”

Reed Exhibitions acquired All-Energy, the U.K.’s largest renewable energy exhibition and conference, in July 2011 and bought a majority share in All-Energy Australia in early 2012.

The All-Energy ‘parent’ show, held in Aberdeen, Scotland annually since 2001, is often referred to as “the AGM of the U.K. renewables industry”.

This show now attracts a total attendance in excess of 8,300 people with nearly 600 exhibiting companies and a packed conference and seminar program of over 300 speakers dealing with all forms of renewable energy and the opportunities and challenges faced by the sectors.

Reed Exhibitions expects 500 delegates to attend the first Canadian conference and exhibition with 150 exhibiting companies and 2,000 exhibit visitors.

The conference and exhibition is designed as a cost-effective and comprehensive multi-track event which will include: First Nation opportunities, smart cities and smart grid, energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy generation, and finance and venture capital.

The inaugural All-Energy Canada event will be held Oct. 2 to 3, 2013 at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

last update:Sep 30, 2014

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