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Court f ines contractor for unlicensed electrical work

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by DCN News Services

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. — An unlicensed electrical worker was fined in a Burlington court recently for engaging in electrical work for clients without an electrical contractor’s licence at 14 locations in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville.
Court f ines contractor for unlicensed electrical work

Jose Julio DeNobrega was convicted on Oct. 10 and ordered to pay a $45,000 fine plus a $5,625 victim fine surcharge for conducting unsafe electrical work without a licence, notes a recent media statement.

DeNobrega pleaded guilty to 45 charges in total, including multiple counts of working without an electrical contractor's licence, not taking out an electrical permit, unauthorized connection of power and leaving an electrical hazard. He also pleaded guilty to one count of issuing a false document.

Much of the electrical work DeNobrega did was found to be non-compliant with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the statement indicates.

The most serious instance was when DeNobrega removed an electrical meter from an apartment building wall, leaving live wires and electrical parts exposed to the public and putting himself at major risk of an electrical injury, the statement describes.

If someone had touched the exposed wires, they could have received a fatal shock.

The court heard DeNobrega had provided the general contractor he was working with, with a false document containing an Electrical Contractor Registration Agency licence number that did not belong to him.

By law in Ontario, Licensed Electrical Contractors are the only contractors allowed to conduct electrical work for hire.

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