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Schools receive $1.4B for repairs and renewal

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by DCN News Services

TORONTO — Ontario is investing to repair school buildings this year, including $200 million from the new Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF).
Schools receive $1.4B for repairs and renewal

As part of its Climate Change Action Plan, the province is allocating $200 million worth of cap and trade auction proceeds to launch the fund for schools across Ontario to install energy-efficient building elements such as new windows, lights and furnaces, states a release issued by the Office of the Premier.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Education Mitzie Hunter were at Cedarvale Community School in Toronto June 13 to announce $1.4 billion in spending on school renewal and repairs this year, which includes the $200 million GGRF.

The GGRF will support retrofit projects that reduce energy use in schools such as high-efficiency lighting, building automation systems, energy-efficient windows, and solar energy and geothermal systems.

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