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Pomerleau employees compete in series of extreme challenges

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by DCN News Services

QUEBEC — Over 325 employees and 33 volunteers from Pomerleau offices across the country recently competed in the Pomerleau Challenge 2017 at the Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park in Quebec.
Pomerleau employees compete in series of extreme challenges

During the 30-hour open-air sporting event, employees competed in a series of extreme challenges.

In preparation for the event, employees underwent four months of training with a total of 3,900 training hours sponsored by Pomerleau during work hours as well as seven pre-challenges leading up to the main event.

The objectives of the challenge are to contribute to the employees' physical and mental well-being; stimulate team spirit and engagement within the company; and offer funding support to two charitable organizations, the Red Cross and On the Tip of the Toes.

Pomerleau has been organizing this type of challenge for a few years now, climbing Mount Washington in 2009, biking from Ottawa to Halifax in 2010 and running from Montreal to New York in 2014.

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