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Fleming ranks high in apprenticeship survey

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by DCN News Services

PETERBOROUGH, ONT. — Through an inaugural student satisfaction survey, Fleming College has been recognized for its apprenticeship in-school training.
Fleming ranks high in apprenticeship survey

A Key Performance Indicator student satisfaction survey was made available to apprentices, allowing them to provide feedback on their in-school learning experience as well as enabling colleges to measure the success of program delivery and identify areas to improve, states a release.

Fleming College had the second highest overall student satisfaction rate in the province with 84.5 per cent of apprenticeship students either very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience at Fleming.

The survey also found:

• 93.8 per cent of apprenticeship students at Fleming felt the program was giving them the knowledge and skills needed for their career, the highest satisfaction rate in the province;

• 88.5 per cent student satisfaction on the overall quality of the learning experiences; and

• 86.5 per cent of apprenticeship students were very satisfied/satisfied with the overall quality of the facilities and resources at Fleming, above the 74 per cent provincial average and the second highest rate in Ontario.

"We are extremely pleased to see Fleming as a provincial leader in student satisfaction among apprenticeship students," said Maxine Mann, dean of Fleming College's School of Trades and Technology, in a statement.

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