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Newpaper’s photos shouldn’t portray unsafe working conditions, says reader

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by Daily Commercial News

In this Letter to the Editor, Calum MacDonald, Director of Sales for The Roberts Group Inc., writes expressing concern that some photos in the Daily Commercial News depict unsafe construction practices.

Dear Editor,
Re: DCN, October 11, page 3 photo.
I enjoy reading your paper and enjoy most of the topics discussed, opportunities displayed and the content within; however, I have recently taken notice to a few things that I find disturbing and I thought I would share them with you. The above-mentioned issue displays a picture of a worker from CLAC, an electrician as it appears, with no safety glasses on.

In our industry, especially today, there are no excuses for not having PPE on. Boots, hard hat and safety glasses should be a given, it is no wonder there are still so many preventable accidents occurring. I have also recently observed pictures taken of workers in positions that would require life lines attached to the full body harness as well as other vagrant abuses of life saving safety procedures.

If possible try to review these pictures before print, thinking of safety first then the story line second. At the least the photographer could have the worker stage the picture with all the PPE on versus catching them in action with out it. Lots of companies try very hard to implement safety policies, direct large amounts of money for prevention and as a result end up with some opportunity losses due to competitors who do not include the same safety factors and probably do not observe the same industry practices as most.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Calum MacDonald
Director of Sales
The Roberts Group Inc.

Editor’s Note:

The Daily Commercial News editorial department has had this discussion many times. While we are aware of job site safety issues and we do keep a watch for photos with questionable content, our editorial coverage attempts to realistically portray construction workplace activities. That, unfortunately at times, includes those situations where workers choose to work unsafely. We have in the past rejected photos displaying blatant violations of health and safety regulations.

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