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Dialling up the ‘wow factor’ at Niagara Falls

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by The Associated Press

NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. — A $4-million lighting makeover promises to dial up the wow factor of Niagara Falls at night.
Dialling up the ‘wow factor’ at Niagara Falls

Officials say energy-efficient LED lighting that was unveiled Dec. 1 will provide brighter and more robust colour than the halogen technology that's been used to cast the Falls in rainbow hues after dark for the past 20 years.

The light beams emanate from banks of spotlights on the Canadian side of the Falls, lighting up the Horseshoe and American Falls that, along with the Bridal Veil Falls, make up the bi-national tourist attraction.

The Falls were lit for the first time in 1860 with 200 lights like those used to signal for help at sea. Electricity was first used in 1879. The Illumination Tower where most of the lights are located was built in 1899.

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