City of Ottawa

Certificates and Notices (2017-03-20)

location of premises

Street address: 1226 Place D'Orleans Drive, Orleans, ON K1C 7K3


Building 4 Roof Replacement
Date substantially performed2017-03-02
Date certificate signed: 2017-03-14


Name of owner: Choice Properties Limited Partnership
Address of owner: 260 Centrum Boulevard, Suite 205, Ottawa, ON K1E 3P4
Name of contractor: Simluc Contractors Ltd.
Address of contractor: 2550 Blackwell Street, Ottawa, ON K1B 5R1
Name of certifier: IRC Building Sciences Group Inc.
Address of certifier: 38 Antares Drive, Suite 1200, Ottawa, ON K2E 7V2

identification of premises

1226 Place D'Orleans Drive, Orleans, ON K1C 7K3