Essex County

Certificates and Notices (2016-05-09)

location of premises

Street address: 10200 Menard Street, Windsor, Ontario, N8P 1H2


Shingle Roof Replacement
Date substantially performed2016-04-29
Date certificate signed: 2016-05-04


Name of owner: Border City Cooperative Homes
Address of owner: 10200 Menard Street, Windsor, ON N8P 1H2
Name of contractor: Dayus Roofing Inc.
Address of contractor: 5120 Halford Drive, Windsor, ON N9A 6J3
Name of certifier: IRC Building Sciences Group
Address of certifier: 13480 Sylvestre Drive, Unit 101, Tecumseh, ON N8N 2L9

identification of premises

Border City Co-operative Homes, 10200 Menard Street, Windsor, Ontario N8P 1H2