Essex County

Certificates and Notices (2017-09-21)

location of premises

Street address: Riverside Garage 3, 1 Riverside Drive West, Windsor, Ontario


2017 Riverside Garage 3 Project, Tender 11917 Level 3 Roof trench drain and West Elevation pole mount covers C17350
Date substantially performed2017-09-14
Date certificate signed: 2017-09-15


Name of owner: The Corporation of the City of Windsor
Address of owner: 1269 Mercer Street, Windsor, ON N8X 3P4
Name of contractor: Weathertech Restoration Services Inc.
Address of contractor: 1054 Shaw Road, Dorchester, ON N0L 1G4
Name of certifier: L.P. Meyer & Associates (Windsor) Ltd.
Address of certifier: 7931 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, ON N8S 1E3

identification of premises

Riverside Parking Garage 3, located on 1 Riverside Drive West, Windsor, Ontario