Notice of Intention to Register a Condominium

Certificates and Notices (2017-11-14)

location of premises

Street address: Address for service: 1 to 27 Autumnwood Ave., Brampton ON L6Y 6G3


Notice of Intention to Register a Condominium under Subsection 33.1 of the Construction Lien Act (Form 24)

Name of declarant: Signature Enclaves Inc.
Concise overview of the land: Block 19, Plan 43M1906, City of Brampton comprising of PIN No. 14086-3423 (LT) Block 197, Plan 43M1896, City of Brampton comprising of PIN No. 14086-3109 (LT)


Name of contractor: ACU Contracting Ltd
Address of contractor: 230 Trowers Rd. Woodbridge, ON L4L 7J1
Name of contractor: Altwood Garage and Doors Ltd
Address of contractor: 140 Ashwarren Rd., Toronto, ON M3J 1Z8
Name of contractor: Applewood Air Conditioning Ltd.
Address of contractor: 3525 Hawkestone Rd., Mississauga, ON L5C 2V1
Name of contractor: Aurivia Stone Design
Address of contractor: 80 Marycroft Ave., Woodbridge, ON L4L 5Y5
Name of contractor: Baypoint Mechanical
Address of contractor: 45 Rodinea Rd Unit 6 Maple ON L6A 1R3
Name of contractor: Bolton Railings
Address of contractor: 3 Browning Court Bolton ON L7E 5S6
Name of contractor: Bousada Inc.
Address of contractor: 40 Bradwick Drive, Unit 22 Vaughan ON L4K 1K9
Name of contractor: Capelas Contracting
Address of contractor: 14202 Hurontario Street RR#1 Inglewood ON L0N 1K0
Name of contractor: Casabella Windows and Doors
Address of contractor: 7630 Airport Rd Mississauga ON L4T 4G6
Name of contractor: Columbia Masonry Ltd.
Address of contractor: 14320 Hwy 27 Nobleton ON L0G 1N0
Name of contractor: Dircam Electric Limited
Address of contractor: 42 Steinway Blvd., Unit 10 Etobicoke ON M9W 6Y6
Name of contractor: GM Exteriors Inc.
Address of contractor: 2010 Albion Rd Etobicoke ON M9W 7K5
Name of contractor: Paragon Drywall Contractors
Address of contractor: 59 Romina Dr., Suite 201 Concord ON L4K 4Z9
Name of contractor: Riverview Interior & Exterior Finishing Inc
Address of contractor: 6950 16th Side Road Schomberg ON L0G 1T0
Name of contractor: Selba Kitchens
Address of contractor: 3231 Langstaff Rd Concord ON L4K 4L2
Name of contractor: Tofino Door& Trim
Address of contractor: 1 Paisley Lane Stouffville ON L4A 7X4
Name of contractor: Tomart Tiles Ltd
Address of contractor: 225 Bradwick Dr Concord ON L4K 1K7
Name of contractor: Trudel & Sons
Address of contractor: 5 Paisley Lane Whitchurch ON L4A 7X4