Pumping Station Upgrades

Solicitation details

  • Publication date: 2017-11-13
  • Category: Sewers, watermains
  • Subcategory: Sewage and water plants
  • Type: Tender
  • Location: Mississauga, ON
  • Bid date: 2017-11-29

Solicitation description

Document 2017-484T

The scope of work included in the proposed upgrades to the Fifeshire and Stonehaven sewage pumping station (SPS) facilities including various site, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control upgrades.

Upgrades generally include demolition and removal of the existing control structures including all structural, mechanical, electrical, control, and communication equipment, removal of all existing interior structural, mechanical, electrical, and control equipment in the wet wells, excavation and backfill during winter conditions, dewatering, sedimentation and erosion controls, site layout, locates, protection of existing utilities, long term and short term automated station bypass pumping system, site grading, seeding, asphalt driveway, walking path, tree removal, plantings, station fencing, gates, valve and metering chambers, emergency storage, pre-cast concrete manholes, pre-cast concrete chambers, sewer piping, grinders, process pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation and controls, control panels, communication panels, HVAC, plumbing, water services, safety grating, lifting davits, hatches, FRP grating and ladders, precast concrete, masonry block, brick veneer, wood framing, roofing, insulation, vapour barrier, primary electrical service, standby diesel generator, power and control panels, wiring, cabling, conduit junction boxes, duct bank, lighting panel, and lighting.

SEALED TENDERS, clearly marked as to contents and on forms supplied by Region of Peel, will be received by Purchasing, 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite A, First Floor, Room
101, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 4B9, Telephone (905) 791-7800 ext. 4303, Fax (905) 791-3697, on or before:

12:00 noon local time

This Document is being made available to vendors electronically through the Region of Peel’s website at peelpurchasing.ca.

Each tender must be accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft in the amount of $200,000, and the successful vendor must provide a Performance Bond and Labour and Material Payment Bond by an approved guarantee company each in the amount of 50 per cent of the total tender.

A Mandatory Site Visit will be held beginning at the Fifeshire P.S. at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 followed immediately by a Mandatory Site Visit at the Stonehaven P.S.

• Fifeshire P.S.
- Location: 1775 Fifeshire Court, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 2T3
- Time: 9:00 AM

• Stonehaven P.S.
- Location: 1570 Stonehaven Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5J 1E7
Time: Immediately following the completion of the Fifeshire P.S. site visit

Please note that the above facilities are designated under the Regional Safety Program as a hard hat, safety vest and safety boot zone. All vendors’ representatives will be expected to arrive equipped with hard hat, reflective vest, and CSA rated safety boots to participate in the site visit. Failure to wear the proper safety equipment may result in disqualification from completing the site visit and disqualification of your Vendor Submission.

Tenders will be opened in public on closing date at 12:15 p.m. Please check with Purchasing on the first floor for location. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. It is the Vendor’s sole responsibility to ensure their submission is received by the time and date specified within the document.

The list of plan takers may be viewed at Purchasing’s Web page: peelpurchasing.ca (then click ‘Current Bid Documents’) The Region of Peel relies on this advertisement to notify you of this business opportunity and it is not obligated to notify past or present vendors, contractors, or service providers in any other manner.

The Region of Peel is aware of websites where Peel purchasing documents are being relayed, either free or for a fee. The relaying of Peel documents is being done without the Region of Peel’s permission or collaboration, and any fees being charged are unrelated to Region of Peel processes and are not required in order to access the purchasing documents on the Region of Peel’s website.