Reconstruction of Highway 401

Solicitation details

  • Publication date: 2017-04-12
  • Category: Roads, bridges
  • Subcategory: Roads
  • Type: Expression of interest
  • Location: Elgin County, ON
  • Bid date: 2017-04-26

Solicitation description


Reconstruction of Highway 401 from 1.4 km West of Elgin Rd. 20
(Union Rd.) to 3.7 km West of Highway 4 (Colonel Talbot Rd.)
Contract 2017-3009


The Ministry of Transportation, West Region, is planning to undertake improvements to Highway 401 in Elgin County starting in 2017 and finishing in 2019. This project will be delivered as a Design-Build Major contract and is scheduled to be advertised in April 2017.


This section of Highway 401 in Elgin County is a 4-lane rural divided freeway with a 15 m grass median. The project will address the deteriorated concrete pavement layer below the asphalt driving surface, which is affecting the pavement’s long term strength and ride quality. The work also includes rehabilitation of eight (8) structures, as well as improvements to roadside safety, electrical infrastructure, drainage infrastructure and highway signs within the limits of the project.

A map showing the project area is available here:


This project includes the removal of existing asphalt and underlying concrete pavement, along with reconstruction of the road bed for both the east and westbound lanes of Highway 401 from 1.4 km West of Elgin Rd. 20 (Union Rd.) to 3.7 km West of Hwy. 4 (Colonel Talbot Rd.), a length of approximately 10.4 km. The highway shall be reconstructed to accommodate future widening of the highway into the median.

The structural work to be completed within this project includes superstructure replacements at Union Road Underpass and Mill Road Underpass structures, temporary works at CNR Overhead structures, structure rehabilitation at both eastbound and westbound Dodd Creek Bridges and culvert replacements at Baird Creek and Lewis Creek Drain.

Primary design and construction elements include, but are not limited to:

• earthworks, excavation, and grading;
• roadside safety improvements;
• environmental protection (aquatic, terrestrial);
• landscaping, erosion, and sediment control;
• paving and granular base;
• drainage and stormwater management;
• bridges and culverts;
• foundations for structures, embankments and culverts;
• traffic staging and detours;
• utility modifications/relocations;
• pavement markings and signs; and
• temporary traffic signals and lighting.

This contract will include an A/B Option contract encompassing both asphalt and concrete pavement design. The following major grading items and associated quantities are approximate and are meant to provide potential bidders with the type and amount of grading work anticipated. The final items and refined quantities will be subject to the final detailed design completed by the design builder.

Item / Description / Unit Quantity
Earth Excavation, Grading / m3 / 475,073
Superpave SP 12.5 / t / 10,948
Superpave SP 19.0 / t / 57,723
Superpave 25.0 / t / 39,381
Granular A / t / 722,058
OGDL / m2 / 165,099
Concrete Pavement / m2 / 166,760
Removal of Asphalt Pavement / m2 / 167,533


The Expression of Interest for this project is tentatively scheduled to be posted on RAQS on April 26, 2017 for 21 calendar days. The completion date for the project is November 2019. This is a Qualified Contract, only open to qualified bidders.