Storm Water and Lake Filling Project

Solicitation details

  • Publication date: 2017-11-07
  • Category: Sewers, watermains
  • Subcategory: Sewers and watermains
  • Type: Pre-qualification
  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • Bid date: 2017-11-22

Solicitation description



Closing date and time: November 22nd at 14.00 (2:00 pm)

EllisDon Corporation is the Construction Manager for the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation (TWRC) Cherry Street Storm Water and Lake Filling Project (CSLF) and Port Lands Flood Protection Enabling Infrastructure Project (PLFPEI). EllisDon invites eligible companies, firms or joint ventures to submit qualification for the following work packages for construction of the CSLF, with the potential for further extension to the PLFPEI, located in the city of Toronto:

1. Benchmark Layouts and Topographic Control - Work includes layout of gridlines, elevations and location of site specific details.
2. Geotechnical Monitoring Services - Work includes the supply and installation of geotechnical monitoring instrumentation and regular monitoring and reporting.
3. Environmental Noise and Vibration Monitoring - Work includes the supply and installation of noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation and regular monitoring and reporting. Preconstruction noise and vibration monitoring and reporting are also required.
4. Dockwall Construction - Work includes the fabrication, supply and construction of a high modulus combi-wall (pipe & sheet pile) including large diameter vertical, inclined rock socketing and CIP pile cap.
5. Sand and Stone Material Supplier - Material supply is required for various stone, gravel, and boulder types (rip- rap).
6. Specialized Marine Contracting - Work includes grading and placement of stone and rock revetment, partial demolition and disposal of the Essroc Quay, construction of coves and marine landscaping.
7. Earthwork Contracting - Work includes lake filling and grading, construction of storm sewer discharge channel and removal of trapped water (if required).
8. Internal Confinement Berm Construction - Work includes supply and installation of geotextile and an in water rock berm (accessible by land).
9. Wet Utilities Contracting - Work includes supply and installation of temporary storm sewer diversion and reinstatement of the roadway.
10. Laboratory and Testing Services – Work includes laboratory testing and site sampling for material acceptance and quality control, as well as providing construction support.
11. Landscape Contracting – Work includes supply, delivery and placement of hydroseeding, landscaping, planting and creation of submerged aquatic habitat.
12. Traffic Management - Work includes traffic management services and provision of required traffic control devices (PVMS included), signage, and pedestrian and vehicular traffic control and monitoring.

Where the anticipated contract value is greater than $250,000 the proponent will be required to enroll in EllisDon’s corporate Subcontractor Default Insurance Program, or have the ability to bond with an established surety company.

Interested parties with a minimum of five (5) years of experience shall submit proof of insurance, a current Safety Performance Record from WSIB, and a short list of projects completed with similar scope and size to,

in order to receive the RFQ documentation. Please include company name, primary contact information and indicate which package(s) you wish to respond to. EllisDon reserves the right to disqualify interested parties based on review of the documents requested above.

It is expected that a short list of up to four (4) companies will be pre-qualified.